Betchton Parish Council

Betchton Parish Council consists of 10 councillors who are elected every 4 years to represent the local community.

Name Address Phone Area of Responsibility Register of Interests
Bill Brown Chairman Manor House, Newcastle Road Betchton, CW11 2TG 07768 930 722
Jean Batchelor Deputy Chairman Betchton Villas, Betchton, CW11 2WE 01270 762 235
Mark Bowyer 12 Smithy Grove Hassall Green, CW11 4XY 01270 762 313 Parish Plan
Barbara Colclough Roughwood Farm, Hassall Green, CW11 4XX 01270 882 079 Footpaths
Sydney Hollinshead Yew Tree Farm, Newcastle Road, Betchton, CW11 4TD 01477 500 626 Almshouses and Local Area Partnership
John Bradley 1 Lanyard Way, Malkins Bank, CW11 4AP  Planning
Alan Sweeney 15 The Paddock, Hassall Green, CW11 4SH 07966 370 901 Local History and digital presence
 Robert Moss Cresswell Farm, Sandbach Road, Church Lawton ST7 3RL  01270 882 383
Tom Gardiner Betchton Cottage Farm, Cappers Lane, Betchton, CW11 2TW 01477 500 379 Litter
Ralph Bason
Clerk to the council
185 Alton Street, Crewe CW2 7PU 01270 567 462

We currently have a vacancy for a councillor. If you’re interested, please contact Ralph Bason, Clerk to the Council, for details.